About the rhyming methods


Rhymebox currently supports rhyme searches in two languages: English and German. If you'd like to see more languages supported contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Matching letters

There are different ways of comparing words to each other. The Strict mode simply compares the letters one by one. Searching for demonstrate will only return words that end with demonstrate.

The Vowels mode will only match vowels. You can use it to create assonances.
The Consonants mode on the other hand will only match consonants. This can help you to create consonances.

Depending on the language there can be various Phonetic modes. They can be used to find rhymes that actually sound like the word you searched for. A phonetic search for demonstrate can propose rhymes like dominos or dumminess.

The phonetic rhyme searches can return results of varying quality. Please let us know if and how you use phonetic searches! We are working on fine-tuning the phonetic algorithms to make them even more useful.

Matching parts of words

At the moment we support three modes. The default is to find for matches at the end of words.
You can also search for matches at the beginning of words. This can help you to create alliterations for example.
The third mode will find maches anywhere in the word.

About the rhyme search interface

Two display modes

Depending on your search settings you might also get rhymes for parts of demonstrate, like strate. This is the basic mode.

The advanced mode orders the search relults by syllable count and doesn't shorten your search word. You can select a display mode on the settings page.

Ordering of results

The rhymes can be sorted either alphabetically or by syllables. See the settings page.

Data Sources

This websites uses various sources:

More about rhyming

Have a look at the wikipedia page on rhyming to get more ideas.